onsdag 24. august 2011

Writing and the wait for winter.

So I've spent some time with some friends lately that I havent really seen too often lately. The opportunity just never arose for it.

But as mentioned, I have been seeing some of them lately, and during one of said meetings we got to talking about the weather. Silly, I know, but we actually were more talking about the seasons and the weather within each season.

A viewpoint that was shared with me by my friend Marie, with whom this weather conversation was had, was: Spring and fall are the most boring of seasons.

Not the entirety of it, but the time in betwene where all the leaves have fallen from the tree, and you're just standing around waiting for the snow to fall.
The spring part where all the snow has gone and you're just waiting for the leaves to grow back out.
 This in my opinion is a very accurate description of what the most boring part of having 4 seasons are.

Anyways, we got onto talking about what we love about each season as a result of this topic, and I mentioned that Winter is actually my favorite time of the year. I love summer, don't get me wrong, but the one season that I personally find so the most beautiful and inspiring is winter.

I went on to explain:
  I love how, if you are out on the more unusual of times during the day you might encounter an entire street just perfectly covered in untouched, gently layered snow. Walking down a street like this is really always really so beautiful. For some reason, turning around and looking back after having walked a bit, seeing that the only footsteps are those you just made is just something really profound in my mind.
Seeing as one of the more populated streets in town only have one single set of footprints, and it's all from you.

I don't know..
I sometimes theorize that the idea of having a giant, blank, white "clean slate" is something I personally just always loved getting handed a completely blank piece of paper that I could draw on, create anything I wanted, make it my own.

I guess that idea of getting a completely fresh start is why I love that aspect of winter.

Another thing, I also went on to say was:
 I love being out, after dark, and standing in the streets and look up against the streetlights and see how the snow gently falls against the backdrop of complete darkness, and the only ones you see are in the light you're looking up against. That is also one of my most profound moments in life.

After I had explained these scenarios, and why I loved winter so much, my friend told me that I should absolutely start writing. She went on to say that I perfectly painted the scene, and that while I was explaining, she totally got what I was saying and the emotion I had connected to these events.

At one point in my life, had a book going,  I explained, but unforseen circumstanced (HD crash) caused me to lose 200 pages of a book I had started working on. And because of this I had just given up on the writing part. 

I do have a quite a few short-stories somewhere out on the internet, one day I should probably try to find them, because it would really be nice to read them again. I remember they really ment alot to me.

You know what, maybe I should start writing again.
I've been told by a lot of different people that they enjoy reading my stuff..
Let me know, would you want to see some of my old short-stories and perhaps some new stuff as I come up with it?


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