mandag 29. august 2011

New beard, midnight rendezvous, old texts and revalations.

So, I tried a new beard today; I removed my sideburns completely and thinned down the actual chin line beard and shaved away the 'stash.
Here's a look at how it turned out.

In hindsight, I see why I never shave my sideburns, because I really do miss them. I face feels a lot less "framed" and structured now without them to sort of tie it all together. Although, I might try this same thing, ie. the thin lines and no mustash but with the sideburns again and post pictures of that.

Moving on.
So lately I've been meeting up with this bikini-neighbour of mine for some midnight cigarettes.

Oh, but first I have to tell you a tiny revalation I had earlier today that has to do with this part of the story:
  I was hanging out at a friends workplace today and his sister was there.
This sister is quite a bit younger than I, and she during conversation told me that she reads my blog.

  Now this kind of surprised me, but quite honestly, it shouldn't. I mean, once you've put something out on the internet, it's pretty much out there forever and most likely, everyone gets around to seeing it at some point in time.

Especially when you're the obnoxious kind that posts their blogs and other internet activities on Facebook like I do. (I'm saying I'm of the obnoxious kind, but to hell with you for judging me!)

Aaaanyways, back to the midnight bikini-girl.
So we were talking a bit, and she said "guess who just got a new job?" now normaly you would naturally assume that it was the person asking, for the obvious reasons.

But the first thing I thought of was the updates on her facebook of people telling her "grats" etc without actually being specific to what they were congratulating her about. So I quiet casually said "yeah I heard about that". and she didn't really react.

Which is where my tiny revelation came in:
Especially in the case of Facebook, you can actually quite safely assume that most people know what's going on in your life if you've, or someone you know have posted something on your wall about what's going on.

Even more so if it's someone you know are interested in you in any way.
Now I don't know what that says about who in this case but it's certainly something to think about when you post something.
Even if you thought no one read your stuff, there's always someone who does.

On a similar train of thought, I've been getting quite a few surprising people tell me that they do indeed watch my youtube videoes and they do in fact read my blog, which is really nice, and not to mention awesome to hear :D

Also, last updated I mentioned I'd go hunting for some of my old short stories, and I found a couple. Here you go, let me know what you think about them please? :) <3

..oh, and please ignore the obvious typo's and wrong name. I changed my name, and I wrote both of these quite literally 6 years ago.

Lots of love <3

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