onsdag 31. august 2011

My life as a gamer.

So I finally after quite literally many months got my internet really fixed so I can now play online again, which means I am now in fact torn betwene playing my singleplayer games which I have Let's Play video series going of and playing online with friends which, quite honestly, is a hell of a lot more fun.

Although, I am very close to completing Crysis 2, so I might actually just blast through that real quick just so I can say I've successfully completed an entire game walkthrough :)

As for my Oblivion Let's Play, I also have to complete that as soon as possible. November and Skyrim are aproaching increasingly fast it seems and I did promise to finish the game, or atleast the primary storyline of it before then. So on the 11.11.11. I will indeed be done with it.

The thing is, I've been playing quite a bit, but I've had so many technical issues with it and I've had to replay certain content over and over because I couldn't get the recordings to come out the way I wanted them to. I guess I just need a short break.

I am also very excited for the The Secret World going into Beta testing, but I was slightly bummed that I didn't get a beta invite yet. I am hoping it will roll in soon though. I can just imagine that's a game I will absolutely love and spend countless hours playing.

In addition to that, I am also really looking forward to the soon"ish" release of both Modern warfare 3 and Battlefield 3 which should be out in November and October respectively.

To top of all this, we have the Minecraft 1.8 patch coming in a few weeks, if not next week and that'll also take up a lot of my time untill the games just keep rolling in one by one.

I am really at a loss as to how I'm going to have time to play all these really huge title games coming out so close to eachother.

Other than that my days are progressing as per usual.
Oh and I was dumb enough to reactivate my WoW account. I really hate myself.

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Lots of love <3

mandag 29. august 2011

New beard, midnight rendezvous, old texts and revalations.

So, I tried a new beard today; I removed my sideburns completely and thinned down the actual chin line beard and shaved away the 'stash.
Here's a look at how it turned out.

In hindsight, I see why I never shave my sideburns, because I really do miss them. I face feels a lot less "framed" and structured now without them to sort of tie it all together. Although, I might try this same thing, ie. the thin lines and no mustash but with the sideburns again and post pictures of that.

Moving on.
So lately I've been meeting up with this bikini-neighbour of mine for some midnight cigarettes.

Oh, but first I have to tell you a tiny revalation I had earlier today that has to do with this part of the story:
  I was hanging out at a friends workplace today and his sister was there.
This sister is quite a bit younger than I, and she during conversation told me that she reads my blog.

  Now this kind of surprised me, but quite honestly, it shouldn't. I mean, once you've put something out on the internet, it's pretty much out there forever and most likely, everyone gets around to seeing it at some point in time.

Especially when you're the obnoxious kind that posts their blogs and other internet activities on Facebook like I do. (I'm saying I'm of the obnoxious kind, but to hell with you for judging me!)

Aaaanyways, back to the midnight bikini-girl.
So we were talking a bit, and she said "guess who just got a new job?" now normaly you would naturally assume that it was the person asking, for the obvious reasons.

But the first thing I thought of was the updates on her facebook of people telling her "grats" etc without actually being specific to what they were congratulating her about. So I quiet casually said "yeah I heard about that". and she didn't really react.

Which is where my tiny revelation came in:
Especially in the case of Facebook, you can actually quite safely assume that most people know what's going on in your life if you've, or someone you know have posted something on your wall about what's going on.

Even more so if it's someone you know are interested in you in any way.
Now I don't know what that says about who in this case but it's certainly something to think about when you post something.
Even if you thought no one read your stuff, there's always someone who does.

On a similar train of thought, I've been getting quite a few surprising people tell me that they do indeed watch my youtube videoes and they do in fact read my blog, which is really nice, and not to mention awesome to hear :D

Also, last updated I mentioned I'd go hunting for some of my old short stories, and I found a couple. Here you go, let me know what you think about them please? :) <3

..oh, and please ignore the obvious typo's and wrong name. I changed my name, and I wrote both of these quite literally 6 years ago.

Lots of love <3

onsdag 24. august 2011

Writing and the wait for winter.

So I've spent some time with some friends lately that I havent really seen too often lately. The opportunity just never arose for it.

But as mentioned, I have been seeing some of them lately, and during one of said meetings we got to talking about the weather. Silly, I know, but we actually were more talking about the seasons and the weather within each season.

A viewpoint that was shared with me by my friend Marie, with whom this weather conversation was had, was: Spring and fall are the most boring of seasons.

Not the entirety of it, but the time in betwene where all the leaves have fallen from the tree, and you're just standing around waiting for the snow to fall.
The spring part where all the snow has gone and you're just waiting for the leaves to grow back out.
 This in my opinion is a very accurate description of what the most boring part of having 4 seasons are.

Anyways, we got onto talking about what we love about each season as a result of this topic, and I mentioned that Winter is actually my favorite time of the year. I love summer, don't get me wrong, but the one season that I personally find so the most beautiful and inspiring is winter.

I went on to explain:
  I love how, if you are out on the more unusual of times during the day you might encounter an entire street just perfectly covered in untouched, gently layered snow. Walking down a street like this is really always really so beautiful. For some reason, turning around and looking back after having walked a bit, seeing that the only footsteps are those you just made is just something really profound in my mind.
Seeing as one of the more populated streets in town only have one single set of footprints, and it's all from you.

I don't know..
I sometimes theorize that the idea of having a giant, blank, white "clean slate" is something I personally just always loved getting handed a completely blank piece of paper that I could draw on, create anything I wanted, make it my own.

I guess that idea of getting a completely fresh start is why I love that aspect of winter.

Another thing, I also went on to say was:
 I love being out, after dark, and standing in the streets and look up against the streetlights and see how the snow gently falls against the backdrop of complete darkness, and the only ones you see are in the light you're looking up against. That is also one of my most profound moments in life.

After I had explained these scenarios, and why I loved winter so much, my friend told me that I should absolutely start writing. She went on to say that I perfectly painted the scene, and that while I was explaining, she totally got what I was saying and the emotion I had connected to these events.

At one point in my life, had a book going,  I explained, but unforseen circumstanced (HD crash) caused me to lose 200 pages of a book I had started working on. And because of this I had just given up on the writing part. 

I do have a quite a few short-stories somewhere out on the internet, one day I should probably try to find them, because it would really be nice to read them again. I remember they really ment alot to me.

You know what, maybe I should start writing again.
I've been told by a lot of different people that they enjoy reading my stuff..
Let me know, would you want to see some of my old short-stories and perhaps some new stuff as I come up with it?


søndag 14. august 2011

Bikinis in rain with the girl next door and wedding internettings

So, I spent Friday pretty much just wasting time, editing a few videoes from my Oblivion Let's Play.
And then I went off to work the door again at 23:00 friday night.

The turnout of people was actually quite surprising. I mean, we were expecting at tops 10 people, but we actually got about 40-50 come by. It was a pretty relaxing night. We suspect quite a bit more will show up next weekend though.

__The girl next door's bikini__
Oh, also something that happened on Friday.
I got aproached by a girl while I was standing in the door who blamed me for looking at her in a bikini.
 I couldn't really recall the specific individual, because face it, most guys, if they walk by someone sunbathing in a bikini, they will look, no man can deny that.
So not being abel to place the girl in any memory appropriate memory slots I just said "I've never done such a thing".
Which, face it, most men also would do. She then went on to explain that she was the girl that lived next door to me. And on many an occation I have indeed glanced over while passing by.

She spent the next 20 minutes randomly blaming me for things, which I actually didn't take as actual harshness. It seemed more like she enjoyed talking to me. Either way, it was fun finally "meeting" and putting a name to the eyecandy.

After work I got in at around 4, then I stayed up untill around 06:00 just watching some tv and relaxing.

__The wedding__
Then come Saturday I got woken up by a phonecall from Karoline, which reminded me that I had agreed to serve food at this wedding-thing, to some people I really had no idea who was.

I did so just because I quite simply didn't have anything better to do that day, and just felt like spending some time out of the house.
That's what happens when you don't have a job, kids, you start looking for things to do.

Anyways, I got up, threw on my suit-pants and black shirt and headed out to this wedding thingy. It was a nice time, and we got some drinks and leftover food for the effort.

I got back home, and I had about two hours left untill I had to head off for work, so I got out of the suit, which incidently enough is also my work clothes at the doorman job, and just enjoyed not wearing it for an hour or so. I also got some food and cought up on internetting for a bit.
Yes, internetting is a word!.. From now on. In my mind, Internetting involves checking your mail, catching up on all your sites and facebook etc.

So I headed off to work. Nothing of import or excitement happened there either untill after work, where me and some co-workers sat and just talked for a few hours. I eventually got home at around 05:00 and went straight to bed.

__The Rain__
Sunday is, well, a pretty usual sunday. Rendering a few movies in the background of some tvshow I'm watching and getting some stuff ready for a few more video uploads during the night. I prefer to do it during night, because I have a shitty connection and I can't really do anything on the internet while I upload.

Oh! one more thing. In a random youtube comment om a pretty relaxing piece of music, in this case it was mt. eden's beautiful lies (check it out of you enjoy relaxed dubstep) someone posted this link and said it's very nice to have on while listening to relaxing music. It's basically an itnernet site that plays the sound of Rain indefinitely. You absolutely should check it out if you're like me, and really enjoy the sound of the rain.

As the site's tagline says: "Rain makes everything better."

Anyways, It's late sunday, I have a frozen pizza in the oven, I'm going to watch a movie and eat some food, then get to sleep. Tomorrow is another week. Unfortunantly I still don't have a second job, so that is what my day will comprise of: Looking for a job.

Lots of love <3

mandag 8. august 2011

Hectic six weeks

So I've pretty much just come out of a really hectic six weeks with tons of stuff going on, most of which you already know about, namely tons of parties, sister's wedding, roadtrip and catching up on a lot of video editing and generally just racing about.

But now, I think it's time I slow down and have some time off, and actually just relax with work, for once. I think I'll be spending the coming while just taking on work and such. And you know I've been partying hard when I say I'll spend time "relaxing with work" :P

Anyways, other than that, I had a wonderfull time meeting up with a bit of my English relatives, my half-brother and my father and their respective companions.

Oh and here's Day 2 of the Air Festival, which we ended up being part of our roadtrip.
It's a pretty long vid. It appears I was spending more time filming and a bit less dancing on day 2.
Might have been because I was so tired from the first day, where I really let loose :P

Anyways, I'm also uploading a Crysis 2 gameplay vid tonight, so stay tuned if that's something you're interested in. You can find it here sometime in the next 3-4 hours :D

Oh and also, I look dashing in a suit. I'll try to get someone to send me one of the literally thousands of photos that were taken at the wedding of me in a suit :D

lørdag 6. august 2011

3 second rule

Hahaha. I just passed 3 kids, maybe 5-6 years. And this one kid dropped a piece of candy on the ground and exclaimed "oh nooo :(", then this little girl of the group started explaining to him the rules of the 3 second rule. He then hurried and picked it up and was extatic about this newfound view on life.

Also, I did finish rendering the Day 2 of our roadtrip. It's just a bit big, so it will take a while to upload. I'll start UL'ing it while I'm away tonight.
Also, if you didn't catch the Day 1, it's right here.

Also, speaking of "away tonight". I've been busy the past 3 days with family. Because you see, tonight is my sister's wedding party! :D
So that'll be very exciting, I get to meet up with lots and lots of far off family that I very rarely get to see :D

But right now I need to hit the showers and get myself into the suit.

Lots of love <3

mandag 1. august 2011

Epic Roadtrip!

This is a tiny taste of what's to come on my blog/vlog later today or tomorrow, I have about 2 hours of recording I need to go through and then edit together.

Short version: we went out on a random roadtrip and ended up at Air Festival which turned out freaking epic!