tirsdag 28. juni 2011

Artist Approval.

Alright, so I just finished editing and am in the process of uploading 3 new episodes.
I had some tech issues with the editing and I had to wait for reply from an artist that I'm using some music by. I asked him and he was kind enough to let me use one of his tunes in my vid.
Seemed like a cool dude :)

Anyways, the three new episodes are as follows:
Lex 013 - Let's play Oblivion - Teabagging in Platemail (S03P01)
Lex 014 - Let's play Oblivion - Just a Breeze. Not. (S03P02)
Lex 015 - Let's play Oblivion - Eating demonic hearts heals me (S03P03)

I hope you keep an eye out on my YT channel :D

<3 Alex :D

søndag 26. juni 2011

Going big.

So when I got on yesterday morning, I was greeted by a little message from YouTube that told me that "Congratulations! Your account is now enabled for uploads of longer than 15 minutes. Click the Upload button below to select a video."
And that was pretty cool. Apparently it's something they give people that follow the code of conduct on youtube, I also suspect it has something to do with the fact that I've uploaded a bunch of videoes in a pretty short time, and I'm really cool with that :D

So, I'll be pumping out slightly longer videoes, I'm thinking around 20-30 minutes.
The best part, though, is the fact that I don't have that absolute restraint. So if I had a video that was 15:06 seconds long, I had to find somewhere in the video to cut it. Now I can just upload that :D

I also just ordered myself a pocket camera, a Flip MinoHD that I'll probably start bringing anywhere I go. I'm thinking I want to start vlogging, and it would be especially cool to bring when I'm out on the town :D

I am as I'm typing this, rendering the final part of my second session (S02P06)
So those interested in watching that, it should be out sometime this afternoon (monday)

So yeah, Ciao! :D <3

Oh and btw, keep letting me know if you watch my videoes, it really gives me that boost to keep making them. I've heard a few people telling me they love it, and can't wait for the next episode.
Also, subscribe if you enjoy watching them, that really helps me alot :D <3

Subscribe <3

lørdag 25. juni 2011

Play, Edit, Upload.

As I got home from work at 4 in the morning I had an urge to play, so I got on and captured a good 2 hours of gaming and footage. 
So I'm rendering Part 3 of my 2nd Oblivion session (S02P03) and I'll leave that, plus the two current uploading episodes running while I sleep, so I'll upload the third just as I wake up and then go on to finish editing the rest of the footage.

It was a pretty chill day at work, a fair share of people, and I learned how to work the coin-exchange machine at the bank today. So yey for learning something new.

Also I ran into my friend Thomas who was.. well. pretty damn drunk :D
But I feel he deserves to spend his days off doing what he wants to, and it was really nice to catch up to him :)

Anyways, stay tuned for my new Session on YouTube.
I'm pumping them out as fast as my computer renders and my internet can upload :D


fredag 24. juni 2011

Technical issues.

So like I mentioned, I had about 2 hours of recording that I totally had to delete because of some bogus with my settup when recording it. So I started the let's play from scratch. Rendering the first part as we speak and it should be up on Youtube sometime in the next 2-3 hours.

Also I'm going to work in not long.
Just hoping the render finishes so I can start the upload before I head off to work.
If you didn't know already, I work as a doorman at a local club.
Therefor the "working late on a friday night".

Oh, and I'd like to reitterate the middle finger to the people at the Foo Fighters concert right now.

Have a good evening, and stay tuned for the Let's Play :D

Ciao!<3 :D

torsdag 23. juni 2011

Rats and fish going down.

So I just finished editing the 2'nd part of my 1.5h session of Oblivion earlier tonight.
Had to get some work done reinstalling the software, both the game itself and the video editing software.

 I figgured I'd do a complete fleshed out playthrough once and for all for my own, and the audience's enjoyment. (Fleshed out = sidequests aplenty).

Secondly, it's Friiiidaaaay :D
Normally that'd mean getting wasted. But I did that last night. And I've got work tonight, which I'm actually looking forward to :) So I guess friday will be spent catching up on some much needed sleep, editing and uploading my videoes, untill I head off to work tonight.

Also, I'd like to put a big fat middle finger up to my friends who are all going to Oslo tonight for the Foo Fighters concert. Really wish I could go, but circumstances didn't allow for it. Plus, I was there in April for Sensation White, so I chose that over Foo.
Still though, I'd really love to go.

Maybe next time, Dave. Maybe next time. <'3

Anyways, check out my YT channel and have a gander at my playthrough, it's uploading, so it'll be up an hour or so after this is posted :)


Untill next time, Ciao! :D<3

Buisness as usual.

So, seeing as I don't have a weekday job these days, I woke up at around 18:00 yesterday. I knew some friends were keen on hitting the pubs later that evening, so I logged on facebook and checked the status on that while I dishes up some food.

I got on facebook and asked around for when people wanted to meet up, the majority said they wanted to get together a bit earlier to kick it off privately, because some of them didn't have that much money, but had the cabbinet full of alcohole. Naturally I joined that and started drinking around 20:30ish at a friends'.

At around 23:00 ish we hit the pub at and had a pretty good time. We got further drunk and had a couple shots. At closing (01:00) we went to another friends' and stayed there drinking and talking 'till around 05:00, at which point said friends wanted to hit the bed and we, at this point 3 people, went to the original friends place to hang out untill now. 10:00ish. And on my way home I went by the stores to get some ingredients, and now I'm cooking up some more food. Although I suspect it'll be bedtime for me quickly after having consumed said food and watched a movie or some such. That is, tried to watch a movie :)

Buisness as usual for a wednsday with my gang :p

Untill next time, Ciao!

tirsdag 21. juni 2011

Here we go!

So I decided to start up a blog. Jump in on the hype that oh so many people have been getting on these days.

Firstly, let me explain the name;
I'm the kind of guy that tries out a lot of things with my facial hair, and having the growth rate that I have, it dosn't matter much if I mess it up occationally. It tends to grow back out within 2-3 days anyway, hence the name of the blog, Alex, beardy adventures.

I intend on posting pictures while I blog, so I can show the world my beardy adventures.
But that's not going to all. I intend on posting a bunch of videoes of my gaming sessions, since I'm also the kind of guy that play my fair share of videogames.

Irritatingly enough, the urge to play videogames has returned to me now after a few months of not playing games. Irritating because summer has just arrived to my fair corner of the norwegian wastes and everyone's pulling me out to play volleyball and general summer/outside related activities.

Not that I don't really, really enjoy volleyball and spending time with my awesome friends, but that tingly feeling in my fingertips keeps urging me to want to play games.
I'm not sure if anyone can really relate, but whatever :)

Also irritating is the fact that my ISP is totally screwing me over, and have blocked all ports related to Steam, Minecraft MP, Anarchy Online, WoW/Blizzard downloader and torrents. Generally anything fun. 

I'm also working on a secret project, related to my future. Hopefully this project won't hit to many hitches and I'll be able to start revealing it to close friends etc. soon. We just need to get a few economy things in place first :D *squee* I'm so excited! :D

Till next time, Ciao!