søndag 14. august 2011

Bikinis in rain with the girl next door and wedding internettings

So, I spent Friday pretty much just wasting time, editing a few videoes from my Oblivion Let's Play.
And then I went off to work the door again at 23:00 friday night.

The turnout of people was actually quite surprising. I mean, we were expecting at tops 10 people, but we actually got about 40-50 come by. It was a pretty relaxing night. We suspect quite a bit more will show up next weekend though.

__The girl next door's bikini__
Oh, also something that happened on Friday.
I got aproached by a girl while I was standing in the door who blamed me for looking at her in a bikini.
 I couldn't really recall the specific individual, because face it, most guys, if they walk by someone sunbathing in a bikini, they will look, no man can deny that.
So not being abel to place the girl in any memory appropriate memory slots I just said "I've never done such a thing".
Which, face it, most men also would do. She then went on to explain that she was the girl that lived next door to me. And on many an occation I have indeed glanced over while passing by.

She spent the next 20 minutes randomly blaming me for things, which I actually didn't take as actual harshness. It seemed more like she enjoyed talking to me. Either way, it was fun finally "meeting" and putting a name to the eyecandy.

After work I got in at around 4, then I stayed up untill around 06:00 just watching some tv and relaxing.

__The wedding__
Then come Saturday I got woken up by a phonecall from Karoline, which reminded me that I had agreed to serve food at this wedding-thing, to some people I really had no idea who was.

I did so just because I quite simply didn't have anything better to do that day, and just felt like spending some time out of the house.
That's what happens when you don't have a job, kids, you start looking for things to do.

Anyways, I got up, threw on my suit-pants and black shirt and headed out to this wedding thingy. It was a nice time, and we got some drinks and leftover food for the effort.

I got back home, and I had about two hours left untill I had to head off for work, so I got out of the suit, which incidently enough is also my work clothes at the doorman job, and just enjoyed not wearing it for an hour or so. I also got some food and cought up on internetting for a bit.
Yes, internetting is a word!.. From now on. In my mind, Internetting involves checking your mail, catching up on all your sites and facebook etc.

So I headed off to work. Nothing of import or excitement happened there either untill after work, where me and some co-workers sat and just talked for a few hours. I eventually got home at around 05:00 and went straight to bed.

__The Rain__
Sunday is, well, a pretty usual sunday. Rendering a few movies in the background of some tvshow I'm watching and getting some stuff ready for a few more video uploads during the night. I prefer to do it during night, because I have a shitty connection and I can't really do anything on the internet while I upload.

Oh! one more thing. In a random youtube comment om a pretty relaxing piece of music, in this case it was mt. eden's beautiful lies (check it out of you enjoy relaxed dubstep) someone posted this link and said it's very nice to have on while listening to relaxing music. It's basically an itnernet site that plays the sound of Rain indefinitely. You absolutely should check it out if you're like me, and really enjoy the sound of the rain.

As the site's tagline says: "Rain makes everything better."

Anyways, It's late sunday, I have a frozen pizza in the oven, I'm going to watch a movie and eat some food, then get to sleep. Tomorrow is another week. Unfortunantly I still don't have a second job, so that is what my day will comprise of: Looking for a job.

Lots of love <3

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  1. Exaggerated much?! 20 minutes.. Well, not according to my watch! 3-5 minutes, tops

  2. Haha, you were drunk. What do you know? and yeah I guess I did exaggerate a bit. But not by that much. Your friends were yelling for you for quite a while.