lørdag 6. august 2011

3 second rule

Hahaha. I just passed 3 kids, maybe 5-6 years. And this one kid dropped a piece of candy on the ground and exclaimed "oh nooo :(", then this little girl of the group started explaining to him the rules of the 3 second rule. He then hurried and picked it up and was extatic about this newfound view on life.

Also, I did finish rendering the Day 2 of our roadtrip. It's just a bit big, so it will take a while to upload. I'll start UL'ing it while I'm away tonight.
Also, if you didn't catch the Day 1, it's right here.

Also, speaking of "away tonight". I've been busy the past 3 days with family. Because you see, tonight is my sister's wedding party! :D
So that'll be very exciting, I get to meet up with lots and lots of far off family that I very rarely get to see :D

But right now I need to hit the showers and get myself into the suit.

Lots of love <3

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