onsdag 13. juli 2011

Principially not doing it.

So I just spent the evening having a wednsday pint with some friends, and their friends. Which I ofcourse, indirectly now can call my friends.

And during said beers I got to talk to a few of them about the act of adding people on facebook, and how some people focus on picking up details about the other person only to later check them up on facebook.

Now, as I naturally already have checked up these "new friends" of mine on facebook, I am principially not adding them just because we talked about just that.

Also, I'm a master stalker. I pay attention to these types of details so quickly, and I very easily pick up on whether or not someone is in a relationship the same way. If that's just me being super-creepy or if it's just me being like.. a guy, I don't know.

Either way. I'm waiting for them to add me this time. Just because of principle! :D

Lots of love <3
-Alex :D

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