lørdag 16. juli 2011

New tunez

So I had a realization a few hours back; I've had Spotify Premium for the longest time (ehm.. 2 months) and I've not really exploited it to it's full potential, right?
I've been having music on my 'droid and ofcourse have a few offline lists.
But I really should listen to it solely to justify the money spent on it, right?
Normally I just listen to Youtube, because, well, quite honestly, That's where you find the most interresting music and newest music. If a new song is out, unless it's a very known artist it's likely to end up on youtube long before it's out on Spotify. Also, Youtube is really the place for all the up and coming artists and the lesser known music types to make it big, right?

Anyways, I had that slight realization that I could better find more pop-y (? don't hate me) music on Spotify with the "What's new" tab, and I've already found two songs that I actually could move to. And again, don't hate me, but one of them was actually the newest tune from Britney Spears :P

Anwyays, listening to pop-y music and warming up my bodymoves means I'm heading out for another night of awesomeness and inebriation! :D

Lots of love <3
-Alex :D

PS: I'll be doing some more Oblivion LP's tomorrow, so keep tuned! :D

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