onsdag 6. juli 2011


So some friends of mine had the idea of going out to a local island and go camping. And so, idea became action and basically, I'll be going camping with a group of friends for an indefinite ammount of time. (Read, most likely 1 night) It all really depends on what condition we're in the morning after. Because priority one on our packing lists are Alcohole. And lots of it :D

Anyways, I also just finished up a 1 hour session of Crysis 2 that I'll be uploading sometime in the next few days, depending on when we get back.

In adition to that I also have a 1 hour long video of Oblivion gameplay I'll be uploading at the same time :D

Well I best get back to packing, so to everyone; have a wonderfull day and remember to enjoy every day. Especially today, it's not just any other day, it's your life :D

-Alex <3

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