torsdag 21. juli 2011

Color the world (and me)

So me and some friends are heading out to go paintballing this evening. We're about 14 people I believe, and we'll be doing CTF and TDM, maybe a FFA round to end things off.

(Capture the Flag - Team Death Match - Free For All)

The twist, this time around, is that I will be attending in all white clothing for the occation! :D
Intentionally so because I hardly ever use said white clothing (Once; Sensation White). So it's not really a loss, also it will be very fun to see how it all turns out :D

I'll be bringing my camera to capture some footage of the event, and a before/after of the gang, and my clothes :D

Additionally, we went over the border yesterday to get some libations for an upcoming festival I will be attending (Storås)  And I had my camera with me and I cought some footage of the drive over the mountains.

Lots of love <3
-Alex :D

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