torsdag 23. juni 2011

Rats and fish going down.

So I just finished editing the 2'nd part of my 1.5h session of Oblivion earlier tonight.
Had to get some work done reinstalling the software, both the game itself and the video editing software.

 I figgured I'd do a complete fleshed out playthrough once and for all for my own, and the audience's enjoyment. (Fleshed out = sidequests aplenty).

Secondly, it's Friiiidaaaay :D
Normally that'd mean getting wasted. But I did that last night. And I've got work tonight, which I'm actually looking forward to :) So I guess friday will be spent catching up on some much needed sleep, editing and uploading my videoes, untill I head off to work tonight.

Also, I'd like to put a big fat middle finger up to my friends who are all going to Oslo tonight for the Foo Fighters concert. Really wish I could go, but circumstances didn't allow for it. Plus, I was there in April for Sensation White, so I chose that over Foo.
Still though, I'd really love to go.

Maybe next time, Dave. Maybe next time. <'3

Anyways, check out my YT channel and have a gander at my playthrough, it's uploading, so it'll be up an hour or so after this is posted :)

Untill next time, Ciao! :D<3

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