torsdag 23. juni 2011

Buisness as usual.

So, seeing as I don't have a weekday job these days, I woke up at around 18:00 yesterday. I knew some friends were keen on hitting the pubs later that evening, so I logged on facebook and checked the status on that while I dishes up some food.

I got on facebook and asked around for when people wanted to meet up, the majority said they wanted to get together a bit earlier to kick it off privately, because some of them didn't have that much money, but had the cabbinet full of alcohole. Naturally I joined that and started drinking around 20:30ish at a friends'.

At around 23:00 ish we hit the pub at and had a pretty good time. We got further drunk and had a couple shots. At closing (01:00) we went to another friends' and stayed there drinking and talking 'till around 05:00, at which point said friends wanted to hit the bed and we, at this point 3 people, went to the original friends place to hang out untill now. 10:00ish. And on my way home I went by the stores to get some ingredients, and now I'm cooking up some more food. Although I suspect it'll be bedtime for me quickly after having consumed said food and watched a movie or some such. That is, tried to watch a movie :)

Buisness as usual for a wednsday with my gang :p

Untill next time, Ciao!

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