lørdag 3. desember 2011

Just one of those days..

I came home from work around 04:00 last night. I put on an episode of Stargate Universe (S01E03) and watched that while winding down from a long, tiresome day at work. One of the last segments of that episode contained a song which I looked up and found, I listened to it a few times as I was falling asleep. 06:00ish.

I woke up around 12:00 today, and the first thing I did after the obligatory social media sites check was to listen to that song again, which kind of set the mood for the rest of the day.

After having spent a few hours just browsing the internet listening to that song I expanded and found a few more songs of the same artist and I ported them over to my phone. Then, music in my ears, I went out for a long walk in the windy, autumn weather just being a hairs width from breaking into tears as I was walking, looking up at the clouded sky, at the crows soaring above, finding profoundness in almost anything I saw.

I walked to my mother's gallery where I sat for 30 minutes talking to her and a friend of hers. I just want to say that I love my mother so much, even though she'll never read this. Cowardice.
After spending some time there, she was closing up the gallery and I headed back home. I spent some time taking the long route back before I went by a shop and bought some stuff for dinner.

The time is now around 16:00

At home I walk into the kitchen, music still in my ears, turn on the lights and the light bulb blows out.
Typical. So I light up a whole lot of candles and place around the kitchen.
I continue to cook up a nice dinner, then I move the candles over to my room and set up a couple episodes of SG:U. I eat, I watch them. This is the first moment of the day I wasn't listening to that music.

The episodes play.
I get a few texts roll in, I talk to a few people and someone commented that I seemed quiet today.
I answered by saying "it's just one of those days". That show is truly beautiful by the way.

The episodes end.
I turn the music back on.
Check Facebook again. Answer a few YouTube comments. respond to texts and Facebook chat.

The time is now about 19:00.
I lay down in bed, music playing, surrounded by candles and I just stay there, listening, thinking, watching as the candles flicker out one by one.

I post on Facebook using my phone that it's "one of those days where I just really need a hug".
Shortly after I get lots of comments, Facebook chatter, text messages and steam PM's letting me know that they're there for me, giving me hugs.
And for the first time today, I smiled.. and cried.

Just one of those days..

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