søndag 20. november 2011

I sometimes wish I was the kind of person that took advantage of situations.

I sometimes wish I was the kind of person that took advantage of situations.
A lot of situations would be simpler and more straightforward if I was.
I would possibly have made quicker moves with a potential certain someone if I was, but I just hope people are able to see me for the fact that I don't do that kind of stuff, and hopefully they won't give up on me because I'm slow, and they assume I'm not interested because I haven't made any moves.

Let me explain. Lately I've been getting it more and more proven to me that I am in fact an "eligible bachelor", something I have a hard time believing myself.
But the facts speak, I say without going too much further into specifics.

So recently I ended up at a party where there were a few girls, and a great deal of them all seemed to be rather interested in me, something I'm absolutely not used to for one, believe it or not.

So anyways, I ended up at this party, and got attention from pretty much all of them. This might feel like bragging, but I'm making a point here.
I know for a fact that I could have taken any one of those girls with me home that night, but I didn't.

I don't like to toot my own horn or lay it on thick about how bad my life has been, because all things considering, I don't feel it has. Despite the fact that I have actually been through a lot of crap growing up. More than even my own family knows about.
But I must be allowed to make a strong point out of what kind of effect that life has had on me.
It has made me a humble man. an example is the fact that I don't like to take home girls that have been drinking because I feel it's taking advantage and possibly having them do things they will regret later. So I just don't do it, never did, never will. Even if you're all thinking "oh but Alex, you have full control over your actions even if you've been drinking". It doesn't change the fact that I feel it's bad. Oh and trust me, I work at a bar, and I know that you have a greatly reduced control during inebriation.

I find it very funny how now that I'm actually getting some attention from the female form everybody starts assuming I'm the kind of guy that brings home girls every weekend. If only they knew that I only recently started drinking and going out to parties, and that I had approximately zero self-esteem up until a short few years ago.

I'm just saying that even with this new-found self esteem I'm still that shy guy I used to be back in the day, and all my crap during the years has only gone to make me a more humble person. I just wish people would see that before they automatically brand me an asshole for getting attention from other women.
Even if I could fork anyone, I would still not do it because I just felt like getting my DW. Especially not if I have a good eye for someone else. Even if I knew that would probably never happen either, I would just not do anything to jeopardize those chances.

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